🍃 songs about nature and human nature 🍃

Sára Hélène Bori is a Dutch-Hungarian vocalist, songwriter and lyricist. In 2011, she started her long-term musical collaboration with bass player, producer Dávid Szedlar. Their song titled Árnyék was selected among the Top 20 of the 90.9 Jazzy Radio Song Contest 2012, in Hungary. It is featured on the 2014 album, Fragments, available through CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify or via info@sarahelenemusic.com.

In 2015, she participated in the Eurovision Song Contest as the lyricist of Hungary’s entry song, Wars for Nothing - performed by Boggie.

In her new musical venture, she takes listeners on a journey of songs that draw inspiration from nature and from what is inseparably human within it. The songs encourage self-and environmental awareness, invite to build worlds that don’t yet exist and ask people to “be wiser, stand on the ground with two feet but breath with a full heart. And change, just like grains of sand.”
Listen to In Our Nature - part one here.

All songs written by Sára Hélène Bori and produced by 10belmusic, Dávid Szedlár.

Sára Hélène Bori also works as a lyricist for musical projects like BoggieMyrtill MichellerPeet Project, Hien, Garland, Sapszon Orsi and more.

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